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What we can Provide 

San Diego Movie Night is one of southern California’s premiere entertainment rental providers. SD Movie Night provides everyone with an out of this world backyard movie experience! With movie rental screens ranging from 80″ to 20 feet tall we have a rental option for any occasion and location. SD Movie Night is the only company in Southern California that provides exclusively high definition video projectors included with EVERY rental package. Most of our competitors provide cheap knockoff Standard Definition projectors that are known to disappoint.

We are also the only entertainment rental company willing to beat the price of any other projector rental company in San Diego. We have provided projector rentals for dozens of types of events including birthdays, anniversaries, fight nights, holiday parties, sporting events and backyard movie nights

We allow custom rental packages in order to cater to every rental need! You can rent anything from a single projector to an entire entertainment package with a 1080p 5,000 Lumen projector, 16 foot Inflatable Screen and 1000 Watt Battery Powered Speaker! Feel free to contact us with any questions and concerns you may have!

Rental Packages

We offer a variety of rental packages so that we can cater to all types of events. We offer three flat rate packages that allow small kids birthdays of 5 people to large school events with over 200 people! Browse our packages of create your own rental package!

Guests: 5-250 Guests


Starter Package

The inermediate package includes a bright 3000 Lumen 720p high definition projector, 120″ projector screen, 200 Watt battery powered bluetooth speaker and all audio/visual cables.

Guests: 10-30 Guests


Advanced Package

The advanced package includes a bright 3500 Lumen 1080p high definition projector, 10 foot inflatable projector screen, 500 Watt PA speaker and all audio/visual cables.

Guests: 25-75 Guests


Ultimate Entertainment Package

The advanced package includes a bright 4000 Lumen 1080p high definition projector, 16 foot inflatable projector screen, 1000 Watt Wireless PA speaker and all audio/visual cables.

Guests: 50-200 Guests

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